Mobile Tooth Fairies... We Come To You!

The Team


We come to You!

Experienced Dental Hygienists, and other professional dental staff - believe the best customer experience comes from a genuine care and concern for our patients. Our goal is to ensure every appointment is comfortable, relieves any pain or discomfort and meets all of your expectations. You are our priority!

Mission statement


We provide dental hygiene services all within the comfort of your own home. We aim to completely alleviate any dental fears or anxiety one may have as well as offering convenience and more time for those with busy lifestyles. We provide patients with an optimal oral health experience, and in turn the resulting optimal overall health advantage.

Patient satisfaction


We work with our patients in a collaborative and compassionate manner. We collaborate with dentists and other health care professionals to ensure effective and complete care. It is our sincere pledge to strive to attain 100% patient satisfaction and to build and to cherish long term relationships.